Wild Wild West Computers is here to serve your computer needs. I focus on building computers that meet your needs for a reasonable price. I will also troubleshoot your computer hardware, OS, and can attempt to recover lost data and remove viruses to ensure the longest life for your investment.

Is your computer looking sickly? Is it havin’ trouble keepin’ up with the rest of yer herd? I round up your computer problems, sort out the problems and cull them, and replace them with good stock. I can replace the weak members of yer herd with good strong and fast ones, or just do some basic doctorin’ and/or re-breaking.

  • If ya got viruses running roughshod through your computer, I can remove them.
  • If your hard drive has crashed, I can recover whatever is still recoverable, then put a new hard drive in.
  • Just need some upgrades? I can help you pick the right parts and install them for you.
  • Want a new Operating System installed or maybe a dual OS booting system?

If you want to hire a good hand to take care of yer herd, just give me a holler. We can discuss yer needs.


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