Product Review – LG Tone Infinum HBS-900 and Arkon’s Windshield Mount for Cell Phones and Tablets

I recently decided that since none of the trucks I drive at work have a good place to hold my cell phone while I’m driving, that I needed to break down and buy a cell phone holder. iphone-windshield-mount-sm6cm117-1_540x540Since the different trucks have very different sized dashes, I had to choose something that would work with windshields that are far away from me as well as windshields that are only inches away from the steering wheel. I chose one from Arkon. The SM6-CM117 extends from 14.5″ to 18.5″ and since it’s “legs” are adjustable, it can leave all the ports/jacks and buttons accessible. Once the suction cup is attached to the windshield, the arm rests on the dash, taking the weight off the suction cup. The adjustable arm allows me to reach the phone in any of the vehicles that I drive. I even found myself going back into the house today as I was getting ready to head to a company dinner because I realized that I needed to use Google Maps for directions. I very seldom go back into the house for something unless I really need it. It is quickly becoming an important part of my daily driving life. I definitely recommend buying one of these for your vehicle and the price is only $30.

The other recent purchase is a new Bluetooth headset to use with my phone. I have had my Plantronics Backbeat Go for something like 3 years now and it’s just plain junk now. The rubber cover over the buttons is gone and the battery dies after about 2 hours of use. I listen to podcasts of sermons, some tech programs, and of course a LOT of Pandora for my streaming music. I spent a lot of time looking for one that has the following specs:

  • stereo (for music and movies)
  • multipoint connectivity (so that multiple devices can be connected at once)
  • high quality sound (I’m an audiophile so bad sound quality is extremely irritating)
  • long battery life (since I drive/work for 9-12 hours a day)
  • comfort
  • fits around the neck/back of the head (since I wear a cowboy hat regularly and I can’t wear over the head headphones with it)

large02What I found was the LG Tone Infinim HBS-900. I compared it to LG’s other models and was surprised that it’s specs were even better that their “newer” model, the 910. It also has retractable ear-buds, so they aren’t in the way when they aren’t being used. They are extremely comfortable; in fact, I realized several times today that I didn’t even notice them while I was wearing them and listening to music. Something else that I found out is that it also vibrates when you get a call. This is an outstanding headset. Here come the specs on battery life (up to):

  • 17 hours of talk time
  • 14 hours of music time
  • 23 days of stand by time
  • and it charges in under 2 hours

Apparently, LG has an app that reads your text messages to you, so you don’t have to look at your phone. Their site lists it as a discontinued model, but it’s still available. I got mine from Wal-mart. I found the prices ranging online from about $60 to $90. You can find refurbished ones cheaper too.


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